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“Flying stars” september 2018 maand van de Haan – 8 september – 7 oktober 2018 Yin Metaal Element!

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“Flying Star Update” – 8e maand van de Aarde hond jaar 2018

8th Month of the Wu Xu Earth Dog Year

8 september – 7 oktober 2018 – Yin Metaal Haan

In elk van de 9 vakjes vindt u 2 cijfers. De cijfer in de bovenste helft symboliseert de jaarlijkse ster en de onderste vertegenwoordigt de maandelijkse ster. De jaarlijkse sterren beïnvloeden ons het hele jaar lang, terwijl de maandelijkse  zijn impact alleen heeft op de maand volgens de Chinese berekeningen. Deze maand september is de maand van de Yin metaal Haan!

Gebruik een betrouwbare kompas om uw juiste windrichting te bepalen.

Teken op een stuk papier uw 9 vakjes en kopieer de cijfers volgens de aangegeven windrichting.

Dus in het kort als uw voordeur gericht is in de ZUIDOOSTELIJKE SECTOR? Gebruik de cijfers die u vindt in het zuidoostelijke vakje. De cijfers geven aan wat voor geluk of ongeluk uw energie in uw huidige huis en bewoners kunnen beïnvloeden.

Kader de muren van uw huis en plaats deze cijfers op de juiste plek. Hierdoor kunt u zelf zien wat voor elementen uw sector bepaald. (U kunt ook de 4 sets van 3 I-Ching munten met rode draad)

De nr. 2 is de ziekte ster, nr. 3 is de ruziënde ster, nr. 5 is de totaal-vernietigings-ster en de nr. 7 is de inbraak/competitie ster. Meer weten? Volg onze workshops of cursussen. Echt de moeite waard om deze filosofie te leren kennen. Geen angstige adviezen of bangmakerij, gewoon de ware waarheid tonen. Doe wat u zelf prettig  vindt om op een berekenkundige manier te werk te gaan. Laat het niet aan een twijfel over maar wees er juist op voorbereid, wat komt, dat komt!


In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there. The month of September is the Yin Metal Rooster month!

Use a reliable compass to chart out the grids and place the numbers according to the winddirection and the sectors in your living space. 

The nr. 2 star is the illness star, nr. 3 is the quarrelsome star, nr. 5 is the Total loss star and the nr. 7 is the burglary/competition star. Want to know more? Follow our workshops or courses. It is really worth your while to learn about the philosophy of life. No fear nor deceit, but pure form of knowledge that you will find pleasure in learning the secrets in a calculative base to work it out in your living space. Do not leave it over to chances, be prepared for “What comes, will come!”

This sector enjoys better fortunes this month. Prosperity luck brings wealth, and there is also windfall luck. Enhance with an Action Mantra for Completion of Success plaque. There are also many opportunities to advance in one’s career. Display a Mountain with Fu dogs with mantra in this sector to boost income and to make progress in your career. It is a time when your business will expand and generate great riches. This sector is afflicted by the illness star. If your main door is in this sector, family members, especially the daughters, could suffer from illnesses affecting the heart region. Remedy with Bejewelled Green Tara and a Wu Lou here. Avoid excessive lighting in this area as this could strengthen the illness star. Married women should be alert, as a predatory males could enter your life. To avoid hurtful betrayals, place an Amethyst Tree in the Nien Yen direction of the woman of the house. Fortunes change for the better for those whose bedrooms are in this sector, as the stars bring good academic, literary and love luck. With the combination of heaven luck, it brings unexpected windfalls, particularly for the women. Display a Bejewelled Wish Fulfilling Tree to boost wealth luck. However, a water feature here could affect married men adversely, causing the husband to have an affair if there is too much water. Display an Amethyst Geode here to protect the marriage. For students, enhance exam luck with the 7 level pagoda
 EAST (7/5) CENTRE (9/7) WEST (2/9)
This area is seriously afflicted as the monthly five descends upon it, bringing health and misfortune problems. Display a Five Element Pagoda here and keep a Wu Lou by your bedside if your bedroom is located in the East. If you live in an East-facing house, delay business negotiations or you could find yourself getting cheated. Be careful with personal safety and home security – there is risk of robbery. Use Yin Water element to control this star combination or display an Anti-Burglary Plaque here.
The Prosperity Star has been replaced by the Violent Star this month. This will be an unlucky month for everyone in the house. There is risk of burglary and of losing money. Place a Rhino & Elephant with amulet here to protect your home. The disharmony in the elements will bring about arguments between family members. Pregnant women should avoid spending too much time in this area, as doing so could cause stomach problems. To remedy, place a Garuda Wu Lou here to control the bad chi.
The Expanding Star strengthens the annual illness star, so the stars are generally quite inauspicious for marriage and bring serious illness to those already experiencing difficulties in their heath. It particularly affects the lung and nose. Remedy with a Garuda Wu Lou and display the Double Happiness symbol to strengthen relationship luck. Elderly folk should avoid bedrooms in this sector. If possible, shift to another bedroom. Wear a Wu Lou pendant/keychain to improve health luck.
The white star here brings auspicious indications for professional success and for those in high-profile careers. Fortunes improve with new prospects to advance professionally. Enhance by displaying the Windhorse plaque here. Students should spend more time in this sector to benefit from the good energy. But continue to ensure this area is not excessively noisy, or the annual #3 star here could get activated. This will be a hectic month for residents of this sector as the argument star adds fuel to the annual misfortune star. There could be money troubles and disputes, which all point to bad fortune and bad business luck. Remedy this affliction by placing a 5 chi symbol in the North. This will keep the Quarrelsome Star under control as well as boost Wealth Luck, which gets affected by the star combination. Keep this area quiet this month. Great prosperity and money luck materializes for those who reside in this sector. This is the best time for business expansion and career advancement. If your main door or room is here, you will have wonderful wealth luck. Activate with a Talisman Wealth gold card for wealth luck. To avoid discord with loved ones, siblings and colleagues, wear the OM pendant to stave off conflict energies.

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