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General outlook of the Earth Dog year 2018! English version

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GENERAL OUTLOOK OF THE EARTH DOG YEAR      –     16th February 2018 – 4th February 2019 

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  • 2018 is a year of earthly fortunes and opportunities. The Earth element from the “Heavenly Stem” and Earth Dog of the Earthly Branch has plenty of money-making opportunities and wealth creation potential. #nr. 1 star of Victory is the theme of the year so place a small Water element in the NORTHWEST of your living space to capture this good fortune.
  • # nr. 1 star – Prosperity
  • We have to study the flying stars chart. Since the nr. # 1 star is in the NW it brings money opportunities for everyone who knows how to activate this water element! Water puja.
  • #nr. 2 star Illness star 
  • This will be afflicting the working class, among colleagues and children some may be plaque by illnesses. Male or Female they will be undergoing low life force and the weak energies this year will have influence on their performances due to the illness #2 star which flies into the West. This affliction must be remedied by placing the image of Garuda Wu lou keychain or a Wu lou symbol to suppress the bad energy in the WEST. Those who have the Wu lou from previous year should also move it to this location in the WEST.
  • Young ladies, especially youngest daughters will have to put up with some illness energy coming from friends and collegues. This is due to the #2 star in this location. WE advise that young daughters should carry a 5 chi symbol with Wu Lou Amulet throughout the year and do not wear red clothes too often this year!
  • #nr. 3 quarrelsome star 
  • The number three has flown into the Ox and Tiger  palace in the Northeast. This will be a year characterised by arguments and anger energy. If your house is facing Northeast, or you live in the Northeast room of the house, there is potential for lawsuits and legal trouble to manifest. Display the Acala or a Mantra in the Northeast to tone down the anger and hostility. But on the educational side, you will succeed in your studies if you turn your working/study-table to face Northeast.
  • #nr. 4 Educational and Peach Blossom star
  • This lovely sexy nr. 4 star has flown to the South! The Horses, Rooster, Ox and Snake may enjoy the love and attention of their loved ones or find new love this coming year. For those academically involved in their work or study will study well or gain recognition and promotion. Place a Horse figurine in the south to enhance this nr. 4 star!
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