Welvaart Jupiter Thursday sleutelhanger


Welvaart Jupiter Thursday sleutelhanger

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Thursday is the Day of the yellow planet Jupiter, and it is believed that those lucky enough to be born on this day are blessed with the great ability to amass wealth and power! To harness the energy of this prosperity planet, it is beneficial to wear the colour of vibrant yellow found in gems like citrine, amber and yellow quartz. This special charm features a beautiful yellow citrine-like jewel and carries the auspicious words “Thursday’s Child is full of Success Stories”.

A special key fashioned with the sign of Jupiter gives its wearer the power to unlock and receive all the good fortune on Thursday, making it a most auspicious day to sign contracts, buy houses and close business deals. This talisman is extremely lucky for those born on Thursday or whose Lunar Mansion Sign is the Sky Salamander, Sky Unicorn, Sky Wolf and the Sky Ant Eater (find your Lunar Mansion sign from the 2011 Fortune and Feng Shui book). For these sky animals, Thursday is their lucky day. Those born on other days may wear this talisman on Thursdays to benefit from the prosperity powers of the planet Jupiter.

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